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Eazycheeze a Video looks great! Love the music. Thank you, Max

Adomilthy Gratz guys. I hope ya'll are doing well. ...
Neonjoe grats
EggRolls Eazy... Your UI is soooo bad..... You can't even see the bottom half of your screen! At least reduce the UI scale so tha ...

Ebolaa Congrats everyone!
EggRolls We can make it a game next time! Stack on me .... or....... not? It's going to be fine trolling you guys

Teegs Eazy lead #1! "get out of the shit"

Glohofosho At least not on this boss, ffs I was doing nothing half the time. Only time I needed something to heal was when ranged s ...
Eazycheeze a "That was the best part of the kill." -Ebolaa

Maxweii My poor bat looks deformed

BLUGATTI hmm this appears to be an iron juggernaut, not galakras

Zopka Eazy, just read your comments in gchat, it might have looked from your PoV that you were ahead, but really you were not ...
Maxweii Finaly Naga form made it into the SS

Eazycheeze a I was in the shower today and literally burst out laughing thinking about the way Booze said DINOSAUUUUURS during the pr ...
Eazycheeze a Boyz II Men*
Zopka Decatheque is what makes boys into men.

Eazycheeze a I know :-( They were gone. I put an alternative one up, even though Brasou is clipped
Zopka Can't even see the tentacles